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Benefits of EVAC Solutions

How does it work?

The Evac wastewater handling solution is a closed system which consists of vacuum toilets, vacuum interface units, vacuum piping, vacuum collection tanks and wastewater treatment plants. The solution is based on vacuum, not gravity, which makes it possible to flush the waste horizontally or even vertically into overhead piping and, if needed, around obstacles.

The Evac solution is environmentally friendly. With low water use – up to 80 % less than used in conventional toilets – it reduces sewage volumes and thus meets the requirement of small environmental footprint. The grey waters, originating from wash basins and being flushed through the Evac wastewater handling system, are clean enough to be used for irrigation or toilet flushing.


Where to use it

Because of their versatility and low water use the Evac applications can be implemented in numerous areas:

  • Supermarkets
  • Railway stations, airports, schools and universities, medical care buildings etc., where the use of toilet and sanitary facilities is very heavy (heavy duty applications)
  • Other public buildings, such as historic buildings, high-rise buildings, shopping malls, exhibition centers, prisons etc. Read more from special building references

Key benefits of using EVAC systems

Water Savings

Compared to traditional gravity toilets, our systems use significantly less water, helping you save resources and reduce your environmental footprint. With our technology, you can enjoy both flexibility in installation and the satisfaction of contributing to water savings.


Vacuum toilets are designed to enhance not only convenience but also hygiene and health. Unlike traditional gravity toilets, our systems generate minimal splashing, reducing the risk of contamination and promoting a cleaner bathroom environment.

Design Flex

Our vacuum toilets feature flexible pipes that effortlessly navigate around obstacles and tight spaces. This adaptability simplifies installations and minimizes the need for costly renovations, making our systems a versatile and cost-effective choice for any environment.

European Vacuum Drainage Systems

Clean water is separated from the biomass by membrane filtration. the membrane is a physical barrier, securing treated water without micro-organism or particulate matter. pressure for the filtration is created either by a slight vacuum or by a gravity head.