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CLEANTECH SOLUTIONS for mobile industry

Evac Complete Cleantech Solution

Evac is the world’s leading provider of integrated water and wastewater management systems for the marine and building industry. Our wide range of solutions, products and technologies offer a comprehensive one-stop offering to meet all your needs.

We know your industry

By partnering with Evac, you benefit from working with a company that has a 40-year history of serving the building industry.

We have an extensive list of references, many reflecting long-term partnerships notably with mobile sanitation companies. Evac offers full support from design to technology and innovation to suit your containerized facility needs. Evac is trusted by many transportable facilities partners, with notable installations and events worldwide.

Every day, more than one new building is equipped with Evac solutions around the world - Evac specialists support your needs.

We are the original supplier for vacuum drainage systems and an efficient partner with the largest product and patent portfolio on the market, fine-tuned over forty years of experience. We pride ourselves on meeting or exceeding customer expectations and keeping maintenance as well as energy and water consumption to a minimum.


• Fully automatic operation
• Highly efficient and reliable vacuum generation
• Full/half flush to minimise water consumption
• Hygienic solution confines odours and contaminants
• Reduces risk of accidents related to waste handling, such as back injuries and slips
• Saves space by eliminating the need for temporary waste storage in kitchens

Complete system includes:

• Feeding stations (normal &/or heavy-duty)
• Vacuum generation and discharge pumps skid
• Holding tank


Bvac Food Waste Collecting Unit with VU175 vacuum generation and discharge unit and a 6 m3 holding tank.
The Bvac Food Waste System uses vacuum conveying technology, greatly reducing the risk of blockages in the piping. A high efficiency rotary claw pump is used to create the vacuum pressure in the piping network and discharge pumps manage the transfer to the holding tank, slurry recirculation and discharge outside of the building. The system uses small-diameter (DN50–DN75) piping to transport waste from the feeding stations to the vacuum collection unit without the need for a constant slope.
Feeding stations are located in kitchen areas where food waste is generated. The number of stations depends on the size and layout of the kitchen. Food shredder units are also available for heavy-duty waste such as bones and fibrous materials. The stations are safe, easy to use, clean, and maintain.
Bvac LMU Feeding Station equipped with a macerator
Bvac UMSF Feeding Station equipped with a macerator and a shredder for heavy- duty waste

Outdoor events

Event managers must often compromise on the sanitation services because of the technical constraints, especially on large and hilly grounds but thanks to Evac system, comfortable and reliable lavatories, as well as food trailers and shower cabins, can be placed anywhere.

Designing the perfect trailer that will fit numerous events or preparing the show and logistics can be complex. Evac systems offers freedom of layout on any scale and easy the event construction. But it is also during the event that the Evac system benefit is glaring. If the users appreciate the comfort of real toilets and clean air, the renter clearly notices the reduced and easy maintenance with less spares, the slower filling of the wastewater tank, the freshwater tank replenished less frequently, and the whole installation bearing last minute traffic increase.
The Cirque du Soleil, Andorra.
The famous company presented its famous show in July 2018 with up to 5000 attendees in the heart of Andorre- la-Vieille city. For this prestigious event, the sanitation provider chose a high-end mobile solution equipped with Evac vacuum toilets combining design, comfort, and robustness. This technology incorporates an innovative vacuum evacuation system, drastically reducing water consumption and ideally suited to high volume usage.


Mobile hotels, camping, containerised accommodations, and worker camps respond to ephemeral needs, preserving sensitive areas or reducing construction time. Many of these industries have adopted the Evac system because the freedom granted by vacuum piping, routing around obstacles and of smaller diameter, enlarges the opportunities for interior design, optimisation, assembly, and remodelling.

But the Evac system also supports green engagement, thanks to the unbeatable water saving of its toilets. In addition, Evac accompanies clients in complex projects preserving the environment, such as the clear shores below luxury stilt hotel bungalows in Bora Bora or the wild spaces of Alaska covered by previous permafrost.

Snoozebox, United Kingdom
The Hotel is an innovation in transportable, temporary hotel accommodation. With flexible configurations from 40 to 400 rooms, Snoozebox can be fully operational within 48 hours of arriving at almost any event or location. It is totally self-contained and does not require mains services or flat terrain to operate. With the freedom to positions toilets and bathrooms without gravity limitations, Evac vacuum systems are the ideal solution for the temporary nature of Snoozebox hotels; toilets can be located at either end of the building without the need for major plumbing or ground works.

Other transportable facilities

Because gravity is everywhere, Evac system is always the solution for tourists’ buses, food trailers, off-grid restrooms on top of the mountains, student accommodations in high water table areas, containerized toilets on metro platforms, motorways rest stops, and more.

You offer mobility, we provide the peace of mind.

Evac Mobile Solution

Evac offers the largest range of vacuum collecting units, mastering all vacuum technologies from tank to online systems.

Evac Snoozevac

Best fit for compactness, reliability, and robustness. The system stays under vacuum pressure at all times preventing odour and ensure availability.

  • Maintained vacuum pressure in the entire pipework, no flushing delay.
  • Dry vacuum pumps, preserved from wastewater contact.
  • 650L tank
  • 2 to 6 inlets, side or top,
  • 200 m discharge point
  • Vacuum capacity:
    54 to 140 m 3/h – 450 to 1050 flushes/h
  • Max version for heavy duty with DN100 outlet

Evac Optima 5 vacuum toilets

Up to 90% water saving without compromising with the cleanliness and the design.

  • Memory flush

  • Fully pneumatic, no electrical cabling required

  • VIP look and feel

  • Low amount of spares and easy to maintain

Evac HQE

Dedicated to large installation, requiring redundancy.

  • 1100 to 2900L tank

  • Vacuum capacity:
    54 to 540m3/h –
    900 to 4500 flushes/h

Evac Online

Macerating pump for small applications combining vacuum and discharge.

    • 5 m discharge point

    • Vacuum capacity: 13-22 m3/h, 100-180 flushes/h

Evac vacuum interface units

Evac vacuum interface units allow standard greywater fittings to be connected to the vacuum drainage system, including food trailer, shower facilities and handbasins.

  • No electrical connection required.

  • Wide range of configurations
    (floor drains, kits, sump, channel, boxes)