It\’s Not Just Sewage that goes into a Vacuum Drain

Vacuum Food Waste Collection – 22 BishopsgateTower

 EVDS are extremely proud to announce its first vacuum food waste system to be installed into the building industry in the world. Whilst commonplace within the marine sector, Evac had not sold this concept into a building, however, the new 22 Bishopsgate Tower that will stand at some 62 storeys high will have all of its restaurants and food halls located on the highest floors. This posed an issue for the building owners who did not want food waste transported via bins leaving a sticky mess in its wake throughout the building.

The introduction of the vacuum food waste system will allow users to scrape plates/empty bins into a feeding station where it will be macerated and mixed with a small amount of water to form a slurry. This mixture will then be delivered to the holding tank via a 50mm pipe that will be located in the basement.

Once the tank is full, a lorry will arrive and transport the collected waste to an anaerobic plant where the waste will be turned into biogas. The collection charges for the liquid waste will not only be environmentally friendly but offer huge refuse cost savings to the client.