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Heavy Duty Buildings

London Heathrow Airport Terminal 5

During the building of the new terminal at Heathrow, British Airways decided to create 100 private bathrooms for its business and first class customers.

However, conservation issues were central to the planning on this project. The Evac Vacuum toilet with its 1.2 litre flush was the obvious choice for water conservation. In addition to this the constraints of the building meant that no drainage pipes were able to enter the floors below. The answer was a vacuum drainage system which allowed maximum flexibility of layout but contained all of the pipework within the BA domain and with no floor penetration.

The complete system consists of over 200 Evac vacuum toilets an Interface Units

St. Pancras Railway Station

The redevelopment of St Pancras International Station for the EuroStar operation, required that the historical nature of the building be preserved, but which provided the most modern up to date facilities for its uses. The flexibility of the Evac Vacuum Drainage System meant that both these criteria could be met. A drainage system which was not dependant on falls meant that toilets could be located at either end of the building without the need for major excavations on ground works. The high volume of passengers would mean that toilet flushing would be a major use of water. The 1.2 litres per flush Evac Vacuum toilet reduced toilet flushing water by 80%.

The system consists of over 150 Evac vacuum toilets and Interface Units.

Stone Henge Visitors Centre - Salisbury

In 2013 a brand new visitors centre opened at the world heritage site, Stonehenge. Its world heritage status requires the government to conserve and share its importance with current and future generations. There was no existing drainage infrastructure for the new visitor centre to connect to. The sewage collected in conjunction with the low water use vacuum toilets is treated on site by a black water treatment unit and sent back into circulation to re-flush the toilets.

22 Bishopsgate Tower– London

The new tower on the London skyline at 62 storeys high. This building owned by AXA has all of the restaurants on the upper floors. The client wanted to be able to get the food waste to low level without the need of dragging bins through the building. This system allows all of the waste to be transported to holding tanks in the basement and when the tank reaches a desired level, a tanker is called and the waste is taken to an anaerobic digestion plant to be turned into bio gas.

…and coming in 2024 – The Chancery Rosewood Hotel in Grosvenor Square

The former site of the American embassy is being converted into one of London’s most luxurious hotels. All of the rooms will be fitted with Evac vacuum drainage that will consist of nearly 200 vacuum toilets and over 500 vacuum interface units. .

European Vacuum Drainage Systems

Clean water is separated from the biomass by membrane filtration. the membrane is a physical barrier, securing treated water without micro-organism or particulate matter. pressure for the filtration is created either by a slight vacuum or by a gravity head.