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EVAC solutions for supermarket

EVAC - World Leader

Design and engineering support dedicated to the project

We offer custom product design and engineering solutions, plumbing design, and other engineering services for architectural, civil, and environmental engineering projects. Throughout the design process we fully support your architecture and design team to ensure the best possible results.

The Evac vacuum systems comply with the European standard EN12109 for vacuum drainage systems inside buildings. Our global network of skilled plumbing partners and representatives are all trained and supported by Evac. We are constantly developing our network to ensure that when you’re looking for vacuum plumbing installation, you know you can rely on a local contractor with the Evac stamp of approval.

When you’re looking for maintenance for your Evac systems our global network of local plumbing partners can provide you with reliable preventive maintenance and repair services.

Evac can also offer full support and training to your existing contractors and maintenance services – because we believe that a problem-free system is the best endorsement we can have.

Together with our wide network of partners, we have been carrying out training programs for architects and designers, students, installers, and service companies. These programs have included university lectures, seminars, and lunch and learn sessions.

Our operations are ISO 9001:2008 (Quality Management Systems),
ISO 14001:2004 (Environmental Management Systems), and OHSAS 18001:2007 (Occupational Health & Safety Management Systems) certified.

Condensate drainage for profitable supermarket store layout

  • Make supermarkets and warehouses more profitable with shorter and cost effective construction work.

  • Flexible layout options mean better supermarket profitability.

  • Choose a strong and reliable partner.


Minimize profit loss during remodeling

Remodel your store more frequently, with no restriction on freezer or chiller cabinet placement – leaving no floor drain or trench mark. Remodeling can be carried out quickly, safely and cleanly without closing individual departments or the entire store. This also means impact on store profitability is minimized.

Relocation in dense areas or even underground and building conversion

With vacuum drainage you’ll have more location options for new stores, with no liability risk for other tenants that may be beneath you, such as in underground car parks.

Evac systems use vacuum as energy to suck condensate upward up to 6m high. Vacuum piping network does not require continuous slope. Usually made of PVC or PEHD, the piping is easily accessed and modified which makes a last minute addition or modification simple and inexpensive.


  • Overnight or open store remodeling and renovations

  • Simple design, planning, construc- tion and maintenance

  • Preserve floor integrity

Evac benefits for store operation

Vacuum grease separator:

Vacuum systems require less maintenance than traditional systems, while vacuum grease separators reduce odour in the kitchen and surrounding areas. It is also easier to install kitchens and toilets underground, meaning the above-ground level can be kept for customers.

Water saving:

The Evac vacuum toilet is highly economical, consuming 82% less water per flush than a traditional gravity toilet. The toilet is also more hygienic as it effectively removes contaminants, mist, and odours from the bowl rather than allowing them to escape into the surrounding atmosphere.

Space saving:

Black and greywater can be combined in the same piping and do not need vent stacks, piping diameter is smaller and routing the piping in the ceiling frees floor foot print.

No leakage or blockage:

Blockages and sedimentation are nonexistent because of the very high water velocity in the vacuum pipe. A breach in the pipe will lead to air leaking in the pipe not water leaking in the room.

More than 1500 supermarkets references in the world

Acme Supermarkets, Ahold, Albertson’s, Alcampo, American Asian Food Market, Asda, As Prisma, Associated Wholesale, Atacadão, Atac, Auchan Hypermarchés, Auchan Supermarchés, A&P, Bel-air Market, Big V Supermarkets, Big Y Foods Inc., Bilo Markets Inc., Bozzutos Inc., Brackets, Buehlers, Carrefour

City, Carrefour Market, Carrefour Hypermarchés, Casino Supermarchés, Catalano’s Inc., City Market, Coles, Coop, Cora, Costco, Cub Foods, C&S Wholesale, Dave’s Markets Inc., Dominick’s, D&W Food Centers, Dorthy Lane, Down to Earth, E.Leclerc, Encinal Market, Eroski, Escale, Euromercado, First Alternative Co-op ,Flemings, Foodmaster Inc., Food Pavilion, Food 4 Less, Four Corners Market, Franprix, Fred Meyers, Frei Caneca, Fresh Fields Inc., Fry’s Food and Drug, Géant Casino, Gelson’s, Genty, Giant Eagle, Giant Foods (Landover), Golub Corp., Great

A&P Tea Co., Green Hills Farms, GRC, Grocery Outlet, Hannaford, Harris Teeter, Hattenbach, H.E.B., Hipermercado Pitusa, Hussman Corp., Hyper U, Intermarché, John Lewis, King Soopers, K-mart, K-Supermarket, KTA Superstores, K-VA-T, LaBonne’s Markets, Lowes Food Stores, Loblaws, Makro, Marsh, Marukai Market,

Match, Maxie & Cie, Maxi’s, Maxi (Provigo), Meijer Inc., Migros, Minimani, Monoprix, Morrisons, Nob Hill Foods, Northwest
Co., Okey, Omaha Steack’s, Overwaitea, Paradise Foods, Pathmark, Peppers Market, Pingo Doce, Price Chopper Inc., Price Smart, Prima, Prisma, Pryca, Publix Super Markets, Rainbow foods, Raley’s, Ralph’s Fresh Fair, Ricoy Supermercados, Roth’s Market, Roundy’s Supermarkets, Safeway, Sainsbury’s, Sale, Sam’s Food Stores, Save-A-Lot, Save-On, Save-

On Drugs, Sé Supermarkets, Shaw’s Supermarket, Shopper’s Food Warehouse, Shoppers Food, Shop N Save, ShopRite Supermarkets, Simago, Simply Market, Smart & Final, Smith’s Food and Drug, SM Supermarket, Somerfield, Star Markets Inc., Steark’s Foods, Sterk’s Super Foods, Stew Leonard’s, Stoc, Stop & Shop, Super U, Supervalu Inc., S-Market, Target, Tesco, The Meat House, The North West Company, Tops Markets, Trader Joe’s, U Express, Waitrose, Walmart Sam’s Club, Walmart Supermarket, Wegmans Food Markets, Weis Markets, Whole Foods Market, Wild Oats Markets, Woolworths, Zellers, 7k…

Waitrose Locks Heath, UK: Thanks to Evac system, the designers worked free of gravity slopes and constraints related to long running piping on the same level.

ASDA Rugby, UK: Evac systems allowed maintaining floor independence between the store level and the parking underground which belonged to another company.

Tesco Wellingborough, UK: Replacing lifting pumps by Evac system allowed great saving in both maintenance and energy.

Tesco Wellingborough, UK: Replacing lifting pumps by Evac system allowed great saving in both maintenance and energy.

Makro Acton, UK: The Evac system allowed more regular and affordable store layout and ground plan changes

Sainsbury’s Eastbourne, UK: Evac solution offered easy cabinets additions and layout changes during the store extension.

John Lewis Reading, UK: Evac system collected all wastewater at a centralized point and then discharge it higher in the sewer.

Whole Foods Cheltenham, UK: The vacuum piping running in the ceiling, operating loss during remodeling and refurbishment work have been drastically reduced.

Asda Burnley, UK: Evac system allowed optimized remodeling, moving cabinets where no drain existed without trench.

We are close to you

We are dedicated to supporting you in environmentally-friendly operations and providing exceptional after-sales service. Evac is a global company with employees in Brazil, China, Finland, France, Germany, Korea, Norway and the USA. In addition, we have representatives and service specialists in over 40 countries.

We support our different stakeholders by providing:

• Engineering and technical supervision
• Local codes and green building labels compliance • Installation and start-up
• Service and repair
• Service contracts
• Refurbishment and retrofits
• Spare and replacement parts
• Training and education
• Building system and spares analysis.

Support for supermarket projects

• Technical recommendations
• Technical and commercial documentation • Reference site visit
• Support for drawing adaptation
• Support for specifications
• Commissioning, start up and training
• Validation installation drawings
• Full factory and onsite test