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Vacuum Toilets

Our toilets explained

The EVAC Vacuum Toilet System could not be simpler. Instead of relying on traditional solutions, which use the principle of gravity to remove waste and are heavily reliant on the location of services cores and outgoing sewer connections, the EVAC system creates a powerful vacuum to flush the toilet.

The Evac Vacuum toilet is environmentally friendly having low water consumption, only 1.2l/flush.


The toilets are of non-electrical type. This means that it is controlled pneumatically with vacuum from the vacuum pipework system. Once the flush button is pushed, a pneumatic signal is sent to the control mechanism, which opens the discharge valve by allowing vacuum from the pipework system to enter the discharge valve diaphragm thus connecting the bowl to the vacuum system. Air at atmospheric pressure then forces the sewage through the discharge valve and into the piping. Simultaneously the water valve opens, and pressurised rinse water cleans the bowl. This whole operation is performed using just vacuum, NO electrical connections are required. Toilets with a vertical riser pipe of over 2m will require an Evac Non-Return valve at the top of the riser.

One common misconception is the aesthetic of the Evac vacuum toilet designed for buildings. Many people will immediately think of a stainless-steel bowl and the noisy action as seen on aircraft. The style of toilet used within the building sector is white porcelain and looks and feels like a conventional style toilet. In most cases, the user doesn’t even realize that it is a vacuum model.

The vacuum toilet mechanism is all contained within the confines of the toilet bowl; there is no toilet cistern therefore the void behind the toilet can be receded to 150mm.

The Evac Vacuum toilet has a variety of options including, Soft Close Seat and lid, Chrome or white flush buttons, Auto Flush, or Contact less Infra-Red flushing.

The toilet bowl is equipped with safety air intake, which secures the air intake in case the bowl is totally covered. Manufactured by: – EVAC. Optima 5.

  • The bowl is manufactured in high quality vitreous china, either wall or floor mounted.
  • Each toilet will be fitted with a vacuum breaker backflow prevention device.
  • The push-button is to be located in accordance with Evac instruction sheets.
  • The installation shall be conducted in accordance with Evac instruction sheets.

The water supply shall be connected in accordance with local regulations. This may require a dedicated Cat 5 water supply, particularly if using recycled water. The water feed for the vacuum toilets must be supplied at 3 bar