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Benefits Of Waste Water Solutions

Benefits Of Waste Water Solutions

Evac’s membrane bioreactor, namely MBR, is suitable for grey water, black water, industrial, commercial and domestic waste water solutions, including vacuum connections. The combination of ultra-filtration and high biomass concentration results in very high performances, complying towards numerous strict standards such as the US-EPA unrestricted urban reuse and non food crops irrigation reuse. The Evac MBR is reliable and more resistant to shock load. The ultra-filtration provides an ultimate barrier against pathogens, such as the chlorine-resistant organisms, Cryptosporidium and Legionella.

Benefits Of Evac MBR...

  • Reduce water consumption by up to 50% with the re-use of treated waste water
  • Low foot print
  • Compact system combining primary, secondary and tertiary treatment plus disinfection
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lower sludge production

European Vacuum Drainage Systems

Clean water is separated from the biomass by membrane filtration. the membrane is a physical barrier, securing treated water without micro-organism or particulate matter. pressure for the filtration is created either by a slight vacuum or by a gravity head.