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BVAC FOOD WASTE COLLECTION with vacuum technology

Avoids cross-contamination and simplifies staff streams in kitchens

In commercial and industrial kitchen areas, storing food waste in open garbage bins is unhygienic and can result in cross contamination. Food waste starts to rot quickly, generating strong odours and even toxic corrosive gases. With the Bvac Food Waste System, waste is processed and transported in an enclosed vacuum piping network to a dedicated holding tank that can be located away from food-preparation areas. With vacuum drainage you benefit from a high degree of flexibility in terms of piping routing and layout. The macerated waste can then be treated at a biogas plant and used for energy production.


• Fully automatic operation
• Highly efficient and reliable vacuum generation
• Full/half flush to minimise water consumption
• Hygienic solution confines odours and contaminants
• Reduces risk of accidents related to waste handling, such as back injuries and slips
• Saves space by eliminating the need for temporary waste storage in kitchens

Complete system includes:

• Feeding stations (normal &/or heavy-duty)
• Vacuum generation and discharge pumps skid
• Holding tank


Bvac Food Waste Collecting Unit with VU175 vacuum generation and discharge unit and a 6 m3 holding tank.
The Bvac Food Waste System uses vacuum conveying technology, greatly reducing the risk of blockages in the piping. A high efficiency rotary claw pump is used to create the vacuum pressure in the piping network and discharge pumps manage the transfer to the holding tank, slurry recirculation and discharge outside of the building. The system uses small-diameter (DN50–DN75) piping to transport waste from the feeding stations to the vacuum collection unit without the need for a constant slope.
Feeding stations are located in kitchen areas where food waste is generated. The number of stations depends on the size and layout of the kitchen. Food shredder units are also available for heavy-duty waste such as bones and fibrous materials. The stations are safe, easy to use, clean, and maintain.
Bvac LMU Feeding Station equipped with a macerator
Bvac UMSF Feeding Station equipped with a macerator and a shredder for heavy- duty waste