Evac systems are very environmentally friendly

At EVDS our aim is to help people achieve there objective of sustainable water usage in the future, to manage the water footprint of there building

Firstly we believe in Conservation, for over 40 years Evac have pioneered the development of the vacuum toilet, with its ultra low flush.

We must first use our precious water resources wisely, as it must be remembered that even recycling has an impact on the environment.

Secondly we are developing effluent Black and Grey water Recycling Water Treatment Systems.


One of the biggest savings on natural resources is the dramatic reduction in flush water consumption. A typical Evac vacuum toilet requires just over one litre of water per flush – one sixth of that used by a conventional toilet. Using less water will bring significant cost savings as water rates rise. Evac toilets have a very low water consumption so the actual amount of sewage produced is reduced – helping to ease the burden of overloaded public sewage plants.

Evac toilet take out up to 100 lites of air on each flush, removing viruses, bacteria and odours from the bowl and into the system enhancing hygiene and personal comfort within washrooms. By encouraging the cycle of air, the toilet accomodation will stay fresh.

The Total Water Cycle

The Evac vacuum system is able to go one step further by introducing water treatment to the vacuum package, so that the whole process becomes one closed loop, ensuring total security against contamination of other water stocks.

Water enters the building and is used for washing

The resulting grey water is collection by the vacuum system, processed and return to the building for toilet flushing water

When flushed is is then collected by the vacuum system fromthe vacuum toilet for further re-treatment, resuse or disposal



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