Heavy Duty Buildings

Heathrow Airport

During the building of the new terminal at Heathrow, British Airways decided to create 100 private bathrooms for its business and first-class customers. However, conservation issues were central to the planning on this project.

St. Pancras Railway Station

The redevelopment of St. Pancras required preservation of the historical nature of the building while providing the most modern up-to-date facilities for its users.

Kings Cross Station

​Kings cross station has been undergoing redevelopment

Blackfriars Station

The Evac system has been used on this site in two components, one as a rainwater retrival system located to collect rainwater which drains from the trains whilst located in the station. This is to avoid contamination into the river, water is collected by bespoke vacuum sumps which is transferred back to the main collection plant. Vacuum toilets have also been used as excavation was not possible due to the underground station locate beneath the main station.