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Supermarket Solutions

Condense Collection (Supermarket Systems)

In the ever-changing retail environment, maximising flexibility in-store layout design has become increasingly important. The need to address current consumer demands and retail trends today cannot preclude supermarket operators from making changes quickly as consumer needs change. Traditionally, supermarkets have relied on major remodel schedules to make changes to their floor layouts.

Evac facilitates modification of store layout design so supermarket operators can adjust the size and location of refrigeration case, add free-standing departments, and cross merchandise refrigeration, frozen, and shelf-stable products easily. Remodel budgets and timelines no longer have to restrict adjustments to store layouts.

According to the supermarket merchandisers:

“We had always considered our refrigerated cases to be fixed. Evac enhances our flexibility and creates cross-merchandising opportunities throughout the store.”

“Our goal is to make stores more exciting. We want an open floor plan and optimal flexibility. Any technology that makes previously permanent fixtures mobile is very appealing”

The EVAC condensate vacuum collection uses the same principles as the larger vacuum waste collection systems found in hotels and sports centres providing total system reliability and minimal maintenance.  A vacuum collection system in a supermarket allows for the refrigerated display case condensate waste piping to be mounted in the overhead near the roof joists.  A lift as great as 6m can be accomplished using an EVAC vacuum waste collection system.  This capability results in the following benefits to the store owner:

  • Provides complete flexibility in refrigerated display case location for new construction and remodelling.
  • Eliminates future concrete and tile work when relocating or adding display cases.
  • Minimising customer disruption
  • Eliminiates the need for and the cost of under slab gravity waste piping
  • Reduces installation time and cost compared to under slab gravity waste piping
  • Eliminates blocked drains and odours from under slab waste piping
  • Makes last minute floor plan adjustments quick and easy
  • Provides a safe, reliable and easily maintained waste collection system.
The system can also be expanded to include drains from food preparation areas and toilet facilities using the Evac Vacuum Toilet. The Evac Vacuum Toilet System could not be simpler. Instead of relying on traditional solutions which use the principle of gravity to remove waste and are heavily reliant on the location of service cores and outgoing sewer connections, the EVAC system creates a powerful vacuum to flush the toilet. A conventional toilet consumes up to seven litres of water every time it is flushed. The EVAC toilet typically uses just over one litre of water per flush – one sixth of that used by a conventional toilet.

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European Vacuum Drainage Systems

Clean water is separated from the biomass by membrane filtration. the membrane is a physical barrier, securing treated water without micro-organism or particulate matter. pressure for the filtration is created either by a slight vacuum or by a gravity head.