Waitrose required new customer toilets and washroom facilities when they extended the major stores. The vacuum drainage system and vacuum toilets turned out to be a fast and efficient solution.


The vacuum system aid the re-modeling of the existing floor plan. Closure time on the store whilst in refurbishment was greatly reduced due to no new underground condensate drainage lines. This enabled a new floor structure to be floated without any boxing out for drainage stubs. The flexibility of the Evac drainage system meant that alteration to the the store plan was possible, even though construction work on the store had already started due to cabinets not being fixed to any predetermined drain points.


Just another example of a major supermarket chain moving to the benefits of an Evac Vacuum Drainage System.


Sainsburys required new customer toilets and washrooms facilities when extending major stores it turned to vacuum drainage as a fast efficient solution. The vacuum systems also collects grey water from food preparation areas and condensate from refrigeration cabinets on the the shop floor. The stores had to and did, stay operational during the refurbishment and disruption to customers was kept to a minimum. The convenience and speed of being able to run the drainage lines overhead instead of having to cut through the existing structural floor slabs to lay drains made a vacuum system and vacuum toiletstheir first choice.