Vacuum Interface Units

Vacuum Interface Units

Vacuum Interface Valves

Vacuum interface valves are available in 2 and 5 litres. The tank of the 2 litre unit (upper picture) is made of polypropylene and the tank of the 5 litre unit (lower picture) is made of corrosion resistant AISI 316. Both of the vacuum interface valves include proven Evac pneumatic flush mechanism with flush memory and vacuum sensor technology. No electricity is needed. Vacuum interface valves consist of simple, reliable components with easy, time-saving and cost-effective maintenance.

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Floor And Shower Drain

Evac produce an array of floor and shower drains. These are designed to connect directly into a vacuum drainage system.

Construction of the shower drain is simple. The body of the shower drain is made of corrosion resistant AISI 316.

Evac can produce any form of bespoke drain including floor channels to suit individual requirements

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Vacuum Interface Units

European Vacuum Drainage Systems

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Vacuum Interface Units

The Single Appliance Unit​

The Evac Single Appliance unit is ideal for remotely located sanitary items. Its small footprint make it a perfect solution for a discreetly positioned grey water box. With no movable parts, the single appliance unit is simplicity itself.

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Environmental Water Treatment

Is there really enough water on Earth?

Water Footprint, is a concept to describe personal water consumption. It is a widely known fact the water is a finite resource. Unfortunately in the developed world we have taken water for granted as it is provided to us instantly through water fountains, baths, wash hand basins and even ornamental fountains and manmade ponds. Since fresh water makes up only a fraction of all the water on Earth it is a resource we cannot afford to squander.